About the USWFL

The United States Women’s Football League is a small-market full-contact women’s football league built for teams with a lot heart, passion and pride packed into a mid-size roster. But more than that, the USWFL is a nationwide network of athletic, community minded, strong women dedicated to supporting each other and furthering the advancement of professional women’s sports who all happen to share an intense passion for the game!

The USWFL is the only league that is exclusively focused on smaller teams and is committed to helping its member teams grow their businesses to success.

Teams looking to battle for a League Championship square off for the top prize. With affordable fees, no player dues or fees, and the full respect and focus of the league, the USWFL is the place for small market teams. Markets are available throughout the Eastern United States for teams who want to join, and help build a league where YOUR TEAM ALWAYS MATTERS.

Are you interested in becoming part of a welcoming family of hard working, goal driven, passionate women? Contact us today!



United States Women’s Football League
1605 West Grandview Blvd.
Erie, PA 16509

League Co-Owners
Mary Butler and Carl Abraham

2016 Commissioner
Mary Butler