Prodigy and Krewe Join USWFL

Washington Prodigy and New Orleans Krewe Join USWFL

The United States Women’s Football League is pleased to announce that the Washington Prodigy and New Orleans Krewe have officially signed on as full members and will play in the USWFL for the 2017 season.  The Prodigy and Krewe are based in Washington, D.C. and New Orleans, Louisiana, respectively; two strong markets with a solid history of support for the football game, both men’s and women’s.  The Prodigy will compete in the Mid-Atlantic Division, while the Krewe will compete in the Southwest Division.

Established in 2013, the Prodigy played in their former league for four seasons, building themselves up as a rising program fit to represent well for the nation’s capital.  2016 was their best season yet, as it saw them not only reach their first .500 season in team history, but also prove that they can hold their own against such elite teams as the Montreal Blitz, Carolina Phoenix, and New York Sharks, the latter of which they managed to send their game into overtime.  Thus far, they have managed to send eighteen players to their former league’s All-Star Game (including seven from this past season) and are ready to continue their rise to the top!

The Krewe were established in early 2014, continuing the Big Easy’s proud women’s football lineage spanning over fifteen years.  In their inaugural 2015 season, despite not winning a single game, the Krewe remained competitive and firm throughout their season, sending three players to the All-Star Game in their former league.  After taking the 2016 season off to reorganize and recruit, the Krewe are ready to pick up where they left off, continuing to build a force which should last for years to come!

While the Prodigy and Krewe remain grateful to their former league for the opportunities over the years and wish it all the best in its future endeavors, they are happy to start brand-new in the USWFL.  In particular, the Prodigy looks forward to their “Beltway Battle” rivalry against the Baltimore Burn as well as starting new rivalries in the Mid-Atlantic Division, while the Krewe looks forward to the INTENSE games against teams such as the Houston Wildcats, Texarkana Lions and Arkansas Xtra in their Southwest Division run.  Both teams also look forward to contending for the National Championship; a game featuring either one (perhaps both) of these teams will be something you will NEVER forget!  The USWFL is happy to have teams of their strength on board and most of all anticipates the opportunities that come with having teams in DC and LA, in particular, those for the league’s future growth in not only this season but also 2018 and beyond.


For more information about the Prodigy, “Like” them on Facebook (@WashingtonProdigy), “Follow” them on Twitter and Instagram (@WashProdigy), or visit their website at http://www.  For more information about the Krewe, “Like” them on Facebook (@KreweFootball), “Follow” them on Twitter (@NewKrewe) or visit their website at http://www.krewefootball. com/.  Or contact the USWFL by phone at 814-897-5880, “Like” them on Facebook (@WSFLFrontOffice) or visit their website at

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