Washington Prodigy

The Washington Prodigy is a non-profit sports organization formed in the summer of 2012 by veteran women football players and coaches with the goal to provide a playing environment focused on high-quality training, respect, and professionalism that benefits players of all skill levels.

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To build and maintain a highly visible program which fosters the overall development of female athletes desiring to participate in competitive tackle football while also serving as a source of pride for the Washington Prodigy and the DC Metropolitan Area. While ALWAYS having this in mind, on and off the field, we will make sure that we are here to:

HONOR— Each other & individuals who have made outstanding contributions to women professional football.

PRESERVE— The Washington Prodigy & Women’s Professional Football historic moments, documents, and artifacts.

EDUCATE— The public regarding the origin, development & growth of women’s professional football as an important part of New Culture.

PROMOTE— The positive values, effort, and longevity of the sport.

2017 USWFL Atlantic Division