Fayetteville Fierce

The Fayetteville Fierce is a woman's full contact football team located in Fayetteville, North Carolina. The team was created in order to give women an opportunity to display their physical capabilities and provide a sisterhood between women.

2017 USWFL Central Division

Fayetteville Fierce Roster

1Ashley EdwardsQBRaeford, NC5-5160
3Briana BenefieldK, PFort Bragg, NC5-2130
4Alyssa CastanedaWRFayetteville , NC5-3125
7Jasmine BuieWRRaeford, NC5-4150
9Denitia WashingtonLBFayetteville, NC5-2200
10Tonia GovernorTEFayetteville, NC5-3165
11Maria RiveraFBSpring Lake , NC5-5250
14Kendra BradleyWRFort Bragg, NC5-3150
16Michellie BakerOLFayetteville , NC5-1250
20Terrosany IngramWRFayetteville , NC5-4140
21Barbara RojasOLFayetteville , NC5-7230
22Jennica DenhamRBAberdeen, NC5-4240
23Hope ReedSSHopemills, NC5-2145
24Ashley MatthewsDLFayetteville , NC5-6160
25Lakisha McDonaldWRFayetteville , NC5-8150
27Toyoko CuthbertLBFayetteville , NC5-6165
28Katie LindleyDEFayetteville, NC5-10210
29Jazmin FelicianoRBFayetteville, NC5-1190
32Shonda JonesOLRaeford, NC5-8280
33Liz HudsonRBFayetteville, NC5-9217
38Misty RyeFSJacksonville , NC5-4117
39Sonya MooreOLFayetteville, NC4-11165
45Raniesha JonesOLHope Mills, NC5-11250
53LaTonya FralinDLFayetteville, NC5-10340
56Sariya TanksDEFayetteville, NC5-9184
92Angela BrooksLBFayetteville, NC5-6190
99Sashah DavisDLHope Mills, NC5-3178